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The Davis Autism Approach® Program Logistics

Step 1: Information Session

It is important for the family and caregivers of the client to fully understand the program details, options for facilitation, and their personal involvement/commitment in the program. It is also an opportunity for family/caregivers to discuss the client's personal situation and determine if a consultation is an appropriate next step. Paperwork will be provided ahead of time and will be reviewed during this 2-hour meeting.

Step 2: Client Consultation

If, after the Information Session, the parents/caregivers would like to pursue the Davis Autism Approach® Program, a meeting with the potential client will be necessary. At this half-hour meeting, we will assess the client's goals and ensure that there is a rapport between the client and facilitator.

Program Scheduling

Assuming that all goes well at the Client Consultation, a program will be scheduled at the mutual convenience of all involved. Due to the fact that no two clients are the same, flexibility of scheduling with the Davis Autism Approach is necessary. Each individual must be guided through the program as will best suit his/her needs and pace.

Week One

Because the first step of every Davis Autism Approach® program is Individuation, the first part of the program will be facilitated by New England Autism Alternatives. At minimum, this will include:

  • Providing the tools for Orientation
  • Working on the concept of SELF and its components

More typically, however, the client will be ready (after Individuation) to begin working on Phase 2 (Identity Development). This work "takes as long as it takes" - as mastery must be achieved with each concept prior to moving on to the next. It is not uncommon, however, to finish the first tier of concepts during week one.

Options for subsequent weeks

  1. Continue with one-to-one facilitation for the remainder of the concepts
    • Typically, two additional weeks will be needed to complete all of the life concepts and relationship concepts (subject to each individual's learning curve and pace)
    • Subsequent weeks may be scheduled back-to-back, or with several weeks/months in between. If scheduled with breaks in between, exercises will be provided by the facilitator to be done at home.
  2. Switch to a coached program
    • In a coached program, the parent or caregiver is facilitated through the concepts by New England Austim Alternatives, and is instructed on how to lead the client to mastery of each concept.
    • The parent or caregiver then works directly with the client, following this instruction and guidance.
    • The client progresses through the program at a pace that fits his/her lifestyle and at the family's convenience.
    • Coaching can be done in person or via Skype (on-line video conferencing). This makes for a great option for families who are not local to New England Autism Alternatives' office.
  3. Combination of Facilitation and Coached program
    • If necessary or if desired during a Coached Program, there is always opportunity to come back for facilitation through a concept, group of concepts, or for any other reason one-on-one facilitation is necessary.

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